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Red Rose

Red Rose: A Timeless Symbol of Love and Passion Description: The Red Rose, recognized globally as a symbol of deep love and affection, stands out in the world of floriculture for its deep, velvety red petals and enchanting fragrance. Originating from the genus Rosa, the red rose is a perennial plant that has inspired artists,…

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Variegated Broton

Variegated Broton: A One-of-a-Kind Flower Description: A unique variety of the tropical hibiscus plant, Variegated Broton is an eye-catching specimen with its bold, variegated foliage and vibrantly colored blossoms. A native of the Caribbean, Variegated Broton is a popular ornamental plant grown for its extravagant flowers and colorful leaves. Characteristics: Plant Type: Perennial shrub or…

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