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Whether it be Software, Hardware, or other forms of technology, WindBlow IT is here to assist you. We will go the extra mile to find and or build a solution that meets with your approval. Below are just a couple of today’s emerging technologies that WindBlow is proud to be involved in.


This is quite an interesting topic as it relates to a complex but simple device with so many applications for good.

Based on the news of piracy on the high seas, theft of crops and animals it makes it worthwhile to implement drone technology. This technology can be implemented in many areas including, border security, search and rescue, property surveillance and many other applications.

WindBlow’s staff would be delighted to have a serious discussion around using drone technology to assist you in your particular situation. We can help you find the right drone to meet your needs and the best price possible.


Technology and the presence of the current global pandemic (COVID-19) is changing the way we travel and interact with the world.
In an effort to stay current with technology and make traveling a bit less stressful and safe, WindBlow is embarking on designing DOPAC “Digital Online Passport Automated Control”, a solution that will simplify the customs and immigration process and eliminate need for long term close contact with travelers.

We are seeking countries that have a need for this type of solution so we can implement it.

WindBlow is always open and ready to discuss your counties particular requirements and will customize the solution to meet your needs.


WindBlow’s IT division is committed to building useful solutions for our clients. We also design and build for our various divisions, such as WindBlow Agro, where we have built FMS (Farm Management System) used to manage the inventory of Crops, Animals, Reproduction, Vaccinations and many other aspects of farming.

WindBlow is always open and ready to have a discussion around your needs and work closely with you to deliver a solution to meets with your approval.

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