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I would like to sponsor an animal. What is the process?

The process is simple. Here’s how… Visit our Animal Care page. Click on the image of the animal of your choice. Click on Add To Cart. Fill in your details and Proceed to Checkout TIP: If you want to donate more to the animal of your choice, it can be done in two ways 1. Change the “Donation…

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Can others help to support my animals?

Yes. Of course. This is an excellent question. Our goal is to help farmers and other animal owners care for their animals who can’t do it on their own. One aspect is to allow others to assist in the form of donations. TIP: Let’s say that you enrolled your goat, like my friend here, Bad Boy,…

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When can I collect my animal?

If, for any reason, you wish to opt out of the program and collect your animal, all you have to do is call us to arrange a time for pickup. TIP: Depending on the payment option you chose there may be a settlement fee.

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What fees are included?

There are two options with respect to fees: Pay a basic fee based on the average cost to raise the type of animal, including: Feed (Forage, Concentrates) Care (Grooming, Parasite inspections, Deworming) Medical (Veterinarian visits) Labour (Attendants) Security (Physical and digital security on-premises) TIP: This option is available for both male and female animals 2. Let…

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Do you track the animals?

Your animal will be tracked in our Farm Management System. For example, we will create a profile for your animal with its: Details and image. Reproduction Vaccination/ Medication Etc.

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If you… Own an animal Want to simply adopt one Have family in St. Vincent & the Grenadines and would like to help them support their animals, Love animals and would just like to support them …then this may be a good option for you. BAAA works like this… Contact us to make arrangements to…

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