CR39 SRC Crystal Vision CR39 are plastic lenses
The Crystal Vision CR39 Plastic lens for single vision distance vision is a good choice for corrections up to +/-4.00, and it is available with a variety of options such as Transitions, Tint, Standard Anti-Reflective coating, and the top-quality Coating.
Poly SRC Polycarbonate Lenses with Scratch Resistant Coating are thin and lightweight
Trivex SRC Trivex Scratch Resistant Coating Lenses:
Trivex® tri-performance lens material by PPG is a breakthrough optical polymer that offers the impact resistance of polycarbonate with excellent optics equal to CR-39 and glass. The material is so durable that Trivex lenses are made exceptionally thin. Trivex lenses are ultra-light weight and is in fact the world’s lightest spectacle lens material.
1.60 SRC 1.60 SRC
1.67 High Index 1.67 SRC are thin lenses
Photochromic CR39 Photochromic(Transition) lenses have the ability to change color from a clear lens to a dark color tint when exposed to the sun, and change back to clear once indoors. The sun changes the compounds embedded into the lens to block some of this harmful radiation.
Photochromic Poly Photochromic(Transition) Polycarbonate lenses
Photochromic Trivex Photochromic(Transition) Trivex lenses
  • Protects against UV and HEV Blue Light (Blue Violet)
  • It is not a coating.  The UV and HEV protection is inherent in the lens material.
  • Selectively filters HEV Blue Light (Blue Violet) which can lead to Digital Eye Strain and may cause permanent damage to the eye.
  • Allows transmittance of the essential Blue Light (Blue Turquoise) which positively  contributes to memory, and cognitive function.
  • It is available with or without Anti-Reflective Coating.
  • It is available in impact resistant poly, 1.56, and 1.60
PLANO BluGARD AR PLANO BluGARD Antireflective Lenses
Photochromic 1.60 Photochromic(Transition) 1.60 index lenses


Polar CR39 Polarized CR39 Lenses
Polar Poly Polarized Polycarbonate Lenses
Polar Trivex Polarized Trivex Lenses
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