Can others help to support my animals?

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Yes. Of course.
This is an excellent question. Our goal is to help farmers and other animal owners care for their animals who can’t do it on their own. One aspect is to allow others to assist in the form of donations.

Bad Boy

TIPLet’s say that you enrolled your goat, like my friend here, Bad Boy, to the BAAA program. Let’s also say that you have family or friends local or abroad that is willing to help with the cost of caring for Bad Boy. In this scenario, your family and/or friends can donate to Bad Boy’s care.

So spread the word and ask family, friends, and anyone who can lend a helping hand to sponsor your animal so that they can help you with some of the care costs.
Example of Bad Boy‘s sponsor page

To add to this, we hope to get the BAAA program noticed worldwide. This will allow animal lovers and people who just want to lend a helping hand to local animal owners, donate to an animal of their choice.

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