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WindBlow’s  Division is a collaboration between WindBlow Inc.’s CEO, and his brother. It is geared towards animal husbandry.

Our facility is called THE ARK. It was designed and built by the Mofford brothers and showcase a new and innovative way of rearing animals, particularly Goats and Sheep along with Rabbits. It got its name because of the purpose it served during the La Soufriere’s volcanic eruption in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on April 9, 2021. During the eruption, and for two months after, our animals were housed and fed here and were completely comfortable and safe. It is a testament to the design and ingenuity that it was able to support life during such a cataclysmic eruption and fallout. We are extremely proud of it.

We hope that guests, particularly young people, would find value in what they see and learn at the ARK and be inspired to take up farming in some capacity in an effort to sustain their own lives and possibly lives of others.

During the fallout from the volcano eruption, we tried to provide support our community as much as possible through some of the following efforts.

  • Helped provide shelter and support for a young farmer and his 50+ sheep and 3 horses.
  • Volunteered to deliver food and water to many animals that were left behind in the Orange and Red Zones.
  • Donated free Mobile TopUps to some Evacuees so they can communicate with loved ones.

It was such a pleasure to lend a hand and offer support were possible.

WindBlow Inc. is focused on ensuring that our business incorporates echo friendly solutions wherever possible and is adamant about recycling.


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